Ministries, LLC
Then Jesus said. . .
"Follow me and I will make you
fishers of men"
Matt. 4:19
A Word of Personnal Testimony

The founder of Fishers of Men was born into a very formal faith and attended a parochial grammar school. At age thirteen, in the violent era of the Viet Nam War and racial unrest, he began to question how a caring God could allow so many bad things to happen to apparently innocent people. Surely there must be someway God could intervene to rescue them. So, Dr. Felsburg decided to reject the concept of God and deny His existence.

After fifteen years of atheism, he saw an actual crucifixion in the Philippine Islands where he was stationed with the Air Force. The innocence of the man involved seemed to make no difference to the crowd as they hurled insults, stones and other things at him. The newspapers said he was a reformed criminal who had paid all of his debt to society, but the man felt he had to show society just how sincere he was in his sorrow for all he did. So, he pledged to allow himself to be crucified on Good Friday for each of five years. This was a common spectacle in that part of the world. Three or four other men committed to the same actions in other parts of the islands. Frequently, the person being crucified would walk for miles carrying a heavy cross and be accompanied by twenty or more flagellants. These men would whip themselves with wooden cats-of-nine-tails as they marched along. The fact that this was an annual spectacle made it no less impressive.

Shortly thereafter Dr. Felsburg won an academic scholarship for a bachelor's degree and was allowed to return to the United States. The Air Force selected New Mexico State University. While he was already having considerable trouble putting the memory of that crucifixion scene behind, the name of the city to which he was assigned was Las Cruces; i.e., the city of the crosses. He was greeted at the entry of the city with a memorial of the three crosses of Calvary.

It wasn't long before the absence of the two maids Dr. Felsburg afforded in the Philippines became very obvious. The care they had provided for his five preschool children allowed great flexibility in his schedule. A man from a local church made an unsolicited visit and offered to take the children to church every Sunday morning for six hours, free of charge!

The next ten months were filled with weekly meetings to study the Bible and learn more about what motivated the local church to commit to the children. Dr. Felsburg challenged the man with intellectual discussions on geography, science, engineering, astronomy, anthropology, archeology and history. The truth of the Scriptures prevailed he committed to discover their truth for himself. He became a full believer in the Messiah of the Old Testament and the Christ of the New on March 24, 1974.

In short, Dr. Felsburg discovered the truth that many will eventually come to. The idea of running one's own life will always result in frustration and sorrow. Recognizing that resulting lack of peace is God's way of reaching out for us is the beginning of finding eternal peace for one's self. God established and provided peace that transcends all imagination and makes it available to all who will recognize Him and respond to His call. One philosopher says that life without God is no life at all. He continues that living without God is the purest definition of natural frustration and dissatisfaction. The human soul YEARNS for completion and that can only be found in a surrendered relationship with Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

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