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This page details the publications available from this site and author.  There are SIX BOOKS on Outreach, Evangelism & Church Growth in the REFERENCE SERIES.  There are THREE BOOKS of action-packed experiences on our country's national defense systems in the NOVEL SERIES. Read about the details of each book below and order your copies at the end of your book of interest below. 

About The Author

Dr. David F. Felsburg started formally publishing his work in 2008 when he was required to write and publish a doctoral dissertation.  Since then he had been averaging another book every year.  Here, he presents a brief synopsis of each of those books followed by a more detailed abstract including a thumbnail picture of the cover. 


Details on the Nine Books

About the Six-Book Reference Series


Outreach, Evangelism & Church Growth

As Dr. Felsburg completed his Doctoral Dissertation, the Lord impressed upon him a need to publish solutions he had found for simplifying the work of evangelism and eliminating some of the feelings of frustration and attrition published there.  The full title of the dissertation is The Business of Evangelism:  A Phenomenological Study of Frustration and Attrition among Christian Evangelists (ProQuest, 2008).  While not included in the group pictures of published works above, it was a driving force for completing his series of books on outreach, evangelism and church growth.  See more details on the dissertation, its availability and ordering below. 

Dr. Felsburg started by publishing the training plan lessons he had used for over 35 years in teaching evangelism at the local church level.  Those training plans were edited, updated and published as Talkin' about Christ - Over the Back Fence (Xulon, 2010).  An abstract for this and the other books are included below.

His second book contributes research findings on God's work of reconciling mankind to Himself.  This book, entitled How God Gets You Back (CrossBooks, 2010), details the process God uses to reveal Himself to mankind. 

Next is the issue of how one can determine how much God has already revealed of Himself to a person and what should be presented for the next steps.  The book is Profiling the Prospect (CrossBooks, 2011) and details the use of profiling techniques to make those decisions.

The fourth book pictured above is titled Making the Little Much (CrossBooks, 2012) and details how leaders can organize small groups to make them big.  This book won 1st place in the Ministry Category for Best Christian Authored Books in 2015.

The fifth book is Inside the Church (CrossBooks, 2013).  This book takes a systems engineering approach (inputs, process, outputs and feedback) to model ten ministries listed in the Lord's Great Commission.  Then it combines all ten of those ministries into a 3-dimensional view showing the impact of any single ministry impacts the entire church.  This book was awarded 2nd place in the 2016 Best Christian Authored Books in Ministry.

In 2015, Dr. Felsburg republished these four books through Xulon Press under their original titles.  

After publishing two novels (next column), Dr. Felsburg returned to ministerial topics for a sixth in the series.  Bivocational: Today's Tentmaking Ministers (WestBow, 2018) describes the modern bivocational ministry in the Christian church.  This one is offered in two parts:  Part I sets the baseline of God's Call, the Gospel Ministry and the uniqueness of the Bivocational Ministry.  Part II describes the Bivocational Minister's interaction with the denomination, state and local associations, church leadership, the congregation, other churches, the other job, the community, the family and the bivocational life.  This book was awarded 1st place in the 2018 Best Christian Authored Books in the Self Help Category.

About the Three-Book Novel Series


Missile Warning, Space Surveillance & Atmospheric Defense

After keeping his commitment to the Lord to publish five books in four years, Dr. Felsburg wrote two  novels based on actual experiences dealing with the missile warning, space surveillance and atmospheric defense systems in the Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment (ITW/AA) system worldwide.  

The President Had Ninety Seconds (WestBow, 2015) was the first of the two books and describes a series of warnings of massive Soviet nuclear missile attacks on the United States.  The novel tracks the actual processes used to  establish the veracity of such warning information.  It shows how the information is compiled and briefed to an executive level panel of military advisors.  The President chairs the panel and typically has ninety seconds to decide how the country will respond to the nuclear attack.

The second novel is named for the top secret code words used to describe a situation of reduced atmospheric surveillance over the National Capital Region.  Wounded Eagle (WestBow, 2016) deals with immediate, short-term and long-term solutions for reestablishing data integration to mitigate the  problem and restore air surveillance mastery.  

The third novel is planned for release in Spring 2019.  The title is Crisis at Near-Earth Orbit and deals with foreign hacking of crucial government database supporting our space missions.  With the lives of all aboard the International Space Station at stake, Crisis tracks efforts to troubleshoot, isolate and repair the software before the perpetrator's intended harm can take place.  

Novel: "Crisis at Low-Earth Orbit"


Crisis at Low-Earth Orbit

The Expedition 56 crew of the International Space Station noticed the automated collision avoidance system reboosters were making an unusually large orbital adjustment. Scientists at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and operations personnel at the US Space Force’s Space Surveillance Center discovered that the historically reliable Space Object Catalog data had been corrupted. Positional data on thousands of space objects were no longer accurate and routine sensor updates were not correcting the data. Automated collision avoidance software for all operational spacecraft including the ISS had to be shut down. Space travel was suspended for the foreseeable future. ISS resupply and crew shuttle missions were postponed indefinitely. The six-person crew aboard the ISS was now limited to onboard resources 250 miles from Earth. The ISS mission was in CRISIS

Time was scarce as NASA-Houston began emergency coordination between the top scientists and engineers of the ISS, NASA and USSF in time to save the ISS and its crew. They needed a powerful leader to find and resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.  Such a person would need exceptional expertise in all aspects of the equipment and agencies involved, and the power to focus their work on a single, well-defined objective quickly. They remembered a man who was part of the first US-USSR meetings to resolve exponentially accelerating growth of space debris. He discovered and repaired hacker corruption of operational software in a US space track sensor. He found and resolved a system hardware problem in time to prevent a global thermonuclear holocaust in response to warnings of 250 nuclear missiles attacking our mainland. He reconfigured air defense systems for two NORAD Regions to prevent Soviet exploitation of an air surveillance system failure. Could he isolate the cause and repair SOC data deficiencies in time to save the ISS and its crew? Was he available to solve this Crisis at Low-Earth Orbit?  

Crisis is currently being written.  When published, it may be purchased here from the publisher, or here from, or here for the Kindle version.  Contact the author directly at for questions or discussion.

Reference Book: "Bivocational"


Bivocational: Today's Tentmaking Ministers


Bivocational simply means “two jobs,” but, when applied to Christian ministry, the concept is considerably more complex. Specifically, Bivocational discusses those ministers who have a God-called “vocation” within the confines of serving Christ through His church and have one or more other jobs or callings. The subtitle, Today’s Tentmaking Ministers, refers to an updated version of early New Testament ministers like the Apostle Paul and his two associates, Aquila and Priscilla, who formed a team of bivocational ministers (Acts 18:1-3). The three served God to build His Son’s churches while holding secular jobs as tentmakers to provide independent incomes and reduce their financial burdens on those they served (Bickers, 2012).

The demand for bivocational ministers in today’s Christian church is far ahead of the supply. This situation developed over the last couple decades due to national economic declines and significant reductions in the number of people choosing to attend and support churches. The former decreased the value of our currency while the latter reduced the size of the weekly collections from which the church could draw a pastor’s salary. These factors also forced many mono-vocational pastors to become bivocational or to leave the ministry entirely out of family financial necessity (Orlando, 2015). 

Dr. David F. Felsburg increases his five-book series on Outreach, Evangelism and Church Growth with this book on the bivocational minister as a viable source for professional pastors with reachable financial requirements. To that end, this two-part offering begins with “Definitions 101” to set a common context for God’s Call, the Gospel Ministry and the Bivocational Ministry. The second part examines the World of the Bivocational as he or she deals with the Denomination, the State or Local Association, Church Leadership, the Congregation, Other Churches, the Other Job, the Community, the Family and the Life.  

This book was awarded 1st Place in the Xulon Press 2018 Christian Author Awards competition in the Self Help Category.  This is the 3rd award-wanning reference book for this author.  (See  for more)  

Bivocational may be purchased in hard cover, soft cover or Kindle version here from the publisher or  here from  Contact the author directly at

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Novel: "Wounded Eagle"


Wounded Eagle

Wounded Eagle is a fictional account of actual events that took place during the US-USSR Cold War of the late 1970’s.  The title was a top secret code word used to describe situations with reduced or eliminated advance warning of an aircraft attack on the US Capital. Such warnings are provided by a network of long range radar sensors deployed on or near the US borders and coastlines. Digital data from these sensors are processed and integrated into overall aircraft status pictures covering hundreds of miles over the ocean and an equal distance inland. The FAA and NORAD jointly use these data for real-time air route traffic control and early warning of intrusion or attack of the homeland. The Fort Lee AFS Direction Center in central Virginia provided data to NORAD to accomplish those functions for the Mid-Atlantic States including Washington, DC.

At 0430 hours (EDT) on Monday, 8 August 1977, the NORAD Command Post within the Cheyenne Mountain Complex was notified that an air conditioning failure in the Fort Lee AFS Direction Center resulted in  severe damage to their air defense computers.  The loss of all data from Fort Lee forced the NORAD Command Director to declare “Wounded Eagle.”  

Wounded Eagle may be purchased here.  Contact the author directly at

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Novel: "The President Had Ninety Seconds"


The President Has Ninety Seconds

Colonel Starker had been through the President's Missile Warning Conference Call process dozens of times.  With the calm, determined and experienced voice recognized by all present, he reviewed the current status for the President.

"Mr. President, we have 250 confirmed missile launches detected and reported by two DSP satellites.  The locations of all the launches are validated as known missile launch facilities within the USSR.  A total of 250 missiles have been corroborated by PARCS or at least one of two ground-based BMEWS sensors.  The trajectories and projected points of impact are both military and civilian targets.  The military targets are command and control centers, including the Pentagon and Cheyenne Mountain; major missile launch capabilities; and bases, posts and ports where major nuclear weapon assets are resident from all four military services.  The civilian targets are all major population centers in the US or Canada.  The Warning System Assessment from Captain Dugan is forthcoming immediately." 

General Gerr reminded the Telecon participants that it was now 0810Z and the closest attacking missiles were now approaching ninety seconds to their impact points on coastal targets.  The decision for the President's missile launch authorization had to be made immediately. 

The President Had Ninety Seconds may be purchased here.  Contact the author directly at

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Reference Book: "Inside the Church"


Inside the Church

Inside the Church takes an in-depth look at the characteristics, impact and interactions of the diverse components of today's Christian church and how they combine to accomplish the overall mission of the church.  To facilitate this task, Inside the Church documents ten frequently-occurring ministries for three levels of systems analysis to understand the individual ministry, examine its stand-alone system functionality and model how it works within the complex system of church systems.  Each level of analysis reveals unique information on the selected ministry from views seldom seen in non-technical literature.

The ten ministries are extracted directly from the Great Commission statements given by Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  They are Outreach, Evangelism, Preaching, Teaching, Ordinances, Discipleship, Inreach, Music, Serving and Leading.  The analytical tools are the six-level taxonomy, the systems' level analysis and the system of systems' level analysis.  The taxonomy is used to investigate the ministry by name, function, tasks, ministry deconstruction contributions, contribution evaluation and process reconstruction for peak efficiency and operational effectiveness.  The system level view looks at the required inputs, processes, outputs and output feedback to see how the ministry works as a separate entity.  The system of systems view observes the ministry as it functions within the complex of all ten ministries performing together.

It is at these levels of component and inter-component relational interaction that church leaders can assign and reassign resources to the right areas of concern to maximize ministerial effectiveness, minimize participant frustration, and maintain staff and volunteer morale.  This level of systemic review and  understanding facilitates planning from strategic, tactical and operational levels.  From the strategic level to formulate goals, set objectives and assign responsibilities; from the tactical level to develop plans, assign resources, and set and measure performance expectations; and from the operational level to execute plans, engage resources, and evaluate performance effectiveness and efficiency.

Inside the Church may be purchased here from the publisher, or here from, or here for the Kindle version.  Contact the author directly at

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Reference Book: "Making the Little Much"


Making the Little Much

God has provided people all around us with spiritual gifts that often go unrecognized and unused throughout the best years for their effective ministries.  Each is especially gifted by the Creator for making small group Bible studies larger.  In Making the Little Much, author Dr. David F. Felsburg shows how to find, identify, develop, and use these special people to prepare small groups for exceptional growth.

Dr. Felsburg describes the adult small group growth ministry and includes detailed job descriptions and functional insights for each leadership position in those small groups.  He also examines a biblical model in considering all the necessary ministries a leader might implement for the small group members; shows how the successful group can become a breeding place for the development of future leaders in administration, outreach, social connectivity, and small group leadership; and considers the natural temptation for the leader to burn out by ministering to a larger group than advisable.  Making the Little Much also offers techniques for maintaining the discussion and learning advantages of the interactive small group while allowing its size to grow significantly.

In addition to the adult small group model for growth, Dr. Felsburg provides required detail for adapting the adult applications to singles, youth, children, preschool and cradle roll ministries.  In the children's areas, he adds breakthrough methodologies for determining and applying learning modality preference for grouping the children to match their learning styles. A unique survey is included to supply questions or observations of the children to determine their prefered learning modality.

Making the Little Much may be purchased here from the publisher, or here from, or here for the Kindle version.  Contact the author directly at

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Reference Book: "Profiling the Prospect"


Profiling the Prospect

Moving the Christian practitioner out of the pew and into the everyday world where the unbeliever lives, congregates, and socializes, Profiling the Prospect presents an array of methods for studying people's behavior to gather evidence of how far God has taken them in their spiritual journey to redemption.

In Profiling the Prospect, author Dr. David F. Felsburg applies profiling techniques to understand a person's movement toward Christ. He shows how to determine the proper profile for the prospect by asking noninvasive questions or making routine conversation and documenting the responses. He divides a prospect's climb toward faith into seven different but related levels of spiritual awareness and provides a detailed general profile for common behaviors and responses at each of these levels. He lays out detailed steps to help the unbeliever get closer to God by following specific steps in the associated Redemption Plan.  Finally, he presents easily understood flowcharts mapping the specific progress of the unbeliever at each level, as well as the logical next steps for moving forward in faith. 

A follow-up to Talking about Christ - Over the Back Fence" (Xulon, 2010) and How God Gets You Back (CrossBooks, 2010), Profiling the Prospect (CrossBooks, 2011) is Dr. Felsburg's next step in his continued work to bring attention and clarification to issues facing the Christian evangelist today and to lead people closer to Christ. 

Profiling the Prospect may be purchased here from the publisher, or here from, or here for the Kindle version.  For a hardback copy please contact the author directly at

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Reference Book: "How God Gets You Back"


How God Gets You Back

In the follow-up to Talkin' about Christ - Over the Back Fence, author, dedicated pastor and evangelist, Dr. David F. Felsburg, returns to the subject of understanding God's redemption of His creation in, How God Gets You Back.

Whether you are a believer or looking to lead someone else to Christ, How God Gets You Back provides readers with the authority, evidence and path to achieving everlasting life with God. He writes of his personal experiences in finding Christ: How on Earth can a person once dedicated to atheism and full denial of any god at all present a book written on how to lead other people to Jesus Christ? ... I began questioning the concept of a loving God as a teenager. This is probably about the same time most young people begin asking whether the faith of their parents is sufficient for personal application. There is seldom enough life lived to answer such significant questions at that age, but countless centuries of human behavior show that many of us ask the questions anyway.

As both a man of faith and a man of science, Felsburg is uniquely qualified to present helpful material on a variety of subject matter, including the Sin Cycle, the meaning of salvation, the nature of the lost person, God's sovereign work in redemption, how and what to share with unbelievers, and the understanding of the private and public commitments to Christ. Insightful and inquisitive at every turn, How God Gets You Back is the perfect resource for becoming a dynamic, effective evangelist.

How God Gets You Back may be purchased here from the publisher, or here from, or here for the Kindle version.  Contact the author directly at

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Reference Book: "Talkin' about Christ - Over the Back Fence"


Talkin' about Christ - Over the Back Fence

Dr. Felsburg provides a unique approach to evangelism training in "Talkin' About Christ - Over the Back Fence".  This book is designed to integrate the disciplines of engineering, theology and human behavior analysis to examine where a person is in his or her journey toward Christ and formulate an action plan for closing the gap. 

The first ten chapters deal with applying well known Christian materials as instruments for measuring a prospect's current beliefs as a launching pad for helping them advance toward Christ. 

The second ten chapters address the interpretation of prospect responses and the application of those responses to a plan for tracking the progress of the unbelievers over the next several days, weeks or months.

"Talkin' About Christ - Over the Back Fence" may be purchased here from the publisher, or here from, or here for the Kindle version.  This book is only available in the softback format.  Please feel free to contact the author directly at

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Dissertation: "The Business of Evangelism"


The Business of Evangelism: A Phenomenogical Study ...

The full title of the dissertation is The Business of Evangelism:  A Phenomenological Study of Frustration and Attrition Among Christian Evangelists.  It uses the phenomenological methodology to examine two related phenomena in the Christian faith.  The call of a person to the ministry of evangelism is required by the Bible and is considered a high privilege for anyone in that ministry.  Without it church growth and the Christian faith, itself, could not proliferate or maintain itself.  Nevertheless, the frustrations of working in evangelism are many and some of those called to the evangelism ministry find them overwhelming. 

The survey of Senior Pastors in very successful churches primarily within the tough Northern Virginia ministry area is executed to collect information from excellent evangelical ministers to identify the frustrations and resulting attrition, analyze their characteristics and evaluate their felt experiences.

The ministers are generally senior pastors, have a minimum of a master's degree and have been serving in the ministry for more than 30 years.  They come from several evangelical denominations and have pastured churches both nationally and internationally.  They currently lead very successful churches in the Northern Virginia area.  Lists of their frustrations and their feelings regarding attrition are included in the findings of this phenomenological study. 

Dr. Felsburg's dissertation The Business of Evangelism: A Phenomenological Study of Frustration and Attrition Among Christian Evangelists may be ordered by activating the action button below.  After arriving at the target site, type in The Business of Evangelism to find the dissertation and purchase.

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About the Author

Dr. David F. Felsburg, Ph.D.

Dr. Felsburg has been a bi-vocational minister for over 35 years. In retirement, he works as an author, pastor, teacher and evangelist.  He presents seminars on outreach, evangelism and church growth on request. 

He responded to God's Call to enter the Gospel Ministry while  serving over twenty years in the United States Air Force.  After leaving the Air Force, he served for fourteen years in the defense system contracting area.  He then founded two engineering firms, a real estate firm and a ministry company.  His largest company achieved the top 5 percent of the INC500 fastest growing companies and single-digit  awards in the Fast 50's for Washington, DC and the Northern VA regional areas.  

During the same time period, Dr. Felsburg pastored a dozen churches and served as Minister of Outreach and Evangelism, church growth consultant, associational leader for pastoral support and Sunday School improvement, spiritual counselor, marriage consultant and minister, and local church teacher and seminar leader.  Dr. Felsburg holds a Southern Baptist license and ordination as a Gospel Minister and ordination as Deacon.  He has served churches in 12 states.   

He holds a bachelor of science degree in electronics engineering and a master of science degree in industrial engineering, a diploma in pastoral ministries and a doctorate in organizational behavior and management including three years of post-graduate seminary work. 

Dr. Felsburg has authored six books in his reference series on outreach, evangelism and church growth and two novels on missile warning, space defense and atmospheric defense.  His third novel in this series is planned for publication in Spring 2019.